Adding Festival Vendors

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Adding Festival Vendors

Once you have created your Festival, you can begin adding vendors and products.

Log into the association portal using your username (email address) and password.

On the left hand menu, click Festivals > Festival List. This will bring you to your Festival Dashboard.

Click on the blue pencil next to the festival that you’d like to edit. The festival detail page will open. Click “Vendors” next to the Festival tab.

Start typing the location name to search for an existing location. If a location does not exist, click “Click Here if Location Does Not Exist”. This will pop up a form to display information to add a portal.

*note – if you add a location to a festival via the method above, the location will solely be visible in the festival details or in “my favorites” if an app user “favorites” the location.

If a location has pre-loaded products, they will display when you click on the “product” field. If you’d like to add a new product, click “click here if product does not exist”.

Add the booth number (if available). Click “Save”. The vendor will be added to the vendor list below.

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