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Add Rewards

Rewards are a major part of the passport program.

Adding a reward is simple! On the left hand menu, click “Reward” and “Reward List”

This will display the Reward Dashboard.

To add a new reward, click on the + sign in the top right corner.

Fill out the form as follows:

Select the Passport Program title

Select Type: Loyalty Reward

Add a detailed description.

Points Required: How many points does a user need to earn the reward?

Expiry Date: Is the reward short term? This can be left blank if the reward will remain in the passport program.

Size: If the item has size options, select as many sizes as you need. Otherwise, this can be left blank.

Confirmation Message: This will display when the user claims the reward.

Email Message: This will be emailed to the user with their reward redemption confirmation.

Badge Reward: Click Here to learn about Badge Rewards

Pin Required: If the reward can be physically handed out (at a festival or event), you have the option to assign a PIN. App users will show their phone, have a password entered and receive the reward in person. This eliminates the shipping form and marks the reward as “redeemed” in the passport program as well as the admin section. Learn how to set up a PIN by clicking here.

Add images of your rewards! Entice app users to visit locations, earn points and redeem rewards.

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