Adding A Location to Multi-Passports

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Adding A Location to Multi-Passports

For apps that have more than one passport, there may be locations that belong in multiple passport programs. Adding a missing location to a single or multi-passport program is easy!

Log into to begin the process.

Click Passport Programs > Passport Event List

This screen will display every location that is in a passport and the name of the passport that it is in.

  • Search for the name of your location to make sure that it is in the correct passport, or any passport at all.
  • See the below example: this location is in the Wine Passport, but should also be in the Beer passport
  • Click “Add Missing Locations”
  • This view is now all locations that are not in a passport
  • Change the filter to the desired passport that you’d like to add the location to
  • Search for the location
  • Click the blue + sign next to the location
  • It will now be removed from that list and will be added into the passport event list.
  • When you press the blue + sign, the location will be added to the passport that is displaying in the filter on the top right corner.
  • Click “Back to Passport Event List” to return to the published Passport Events. Search for your location to make sure that it was added to the correct passport (s).

Note: If you have a single passport app, that filter will not appear so all you will need to do is press the blue + sign and the missing location will appear in your passport.

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