Manual Stamp Request Tips and Suggestions

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Manual Stamp Request Tips and Suggestions

Manual stamp data provides insight into problem areas related to GPS and stamp validation.

Identify locations that have frequent manual stamp requests

From the Local Explorers admin you can sort and filter stamps to identify a pattern in the date.

  1. Navigate to Passport Program > Manage Stamp Request
  2. Change view to show all entries

3. Click on the small arrows (to the right of the “title” header) to sort the locations by brewer (alphabetical order)

Scan through the list and see if any locations seem to have several manual stamp requests. We can see below that this particular location (example) has more manual stamp requests than other brewers. This might tell us that their GPS coordinates need to be updated.

Next, navigate to that Location Portal to view their current GPS coordinates  – Members > Invitation List. Select the Location and select: Content Management > Locations. Click the blue pencil icon.

Validating Google GPS Coordinates

In a separate tab or window, Visit

Search for the location in the upper left hand field

The Google Maps Coordinates can be found in the URL (See Image Below)

If the coordinates in Google Maps do not match the coordinates listed for this location, click “edit” for that brewer location, update the latitude and longitude coordinates on the right hand side and click “Save and Close” at the bottom.

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